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Just like the rest of us, people with disability age and face the prospect of retiring from their regular jobs. Unlike other workers, people in supported employment look to their jobs to provide a lot more than just a wage. Jobs provide their social network, regular outings and a chance to interact with a wide range of people and connect with the community. The Australian Foundation for Disability (AFFORD) has over 500 people in supported employment in Sydney.

Recognising the unique challenges that retirement presents to supported workers, AFFORD partnered with researchers from Sydney University and Latrobe University to develop a program called Transition to Retirement (TTR), which focuses on workers with disability. The program assists workers to begin participating in volunteer programs and join community groups providing activity and purpose that will continue long after they officially retire from the paid workforce.

The TTR training manual and DVD provide details of all components of the program and include brief accounts of individual participants' experiences and practical tips.

Preview Training Manual

The book and DVD set is available from Sydney University Press: Transition to Retirement: a guide to inclusive practice. Price: $25 plus postage.

Transition to Retirement DVD

Shirley' Story

retirement“I love animals. It’s good to see the cats go to nice homes and have someone look after them properly. The work is really good" Shirley


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