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Aussie, Aussie, Aussie Celebrations!

At Afford, we welcome and celebrate the many different cultures and backgrounds that are part of our community. We recognise many cultural traditions and celebrations across the year to acknowledge our heritage. It is our diversity that fosters greater understanding and inclusive communities. Diverse Backgrounds Bring Us Together
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Belmore’s Paper Run Program

We love to encourage our clients to have an entrepreneurial spirit and our Belmore Day Program clients have just that! An Entrepreneurial Spirit Recently the team at Belmore Day Program have introduced a Paper Run Program that is all about exercise,...
Image for Suds-a-Plenty at Blacktown Day Program

Suds-a-Plenty at Blacktown Day Program

Independent living is all about taking responsibility of your well being and your possessions. So when  our clients at Blacktown Day Program wanted to start a car wash program, our staff got the wheels in motion to make this program a reality. Learning Life Ski...
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Fuelling a Healthy Lifestyle

Fuelling your body with nutritious and healthy foods is the first step to leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Health and Well Being Across our Day Programs, our Lifestyle Assistants are always finding ways to encourage health and well being, a...
Image for Kristian says his first word at 26 years old!

Kristian says his first word at 26 years old!

Each and every day we see our clients taking small steps to achieve their goals in life. We are privileged to be part of this journey with our clients and their families. To every family, we are committed to going above and beyond to make sure every client is presented with choice and opportunity to live life on their terms. Small Ste...