Image for Peter Makes A Splash

Peter Makes A Splash

Living in Australia, where a trip to the beach or local swimming pool to cool down is a usual outing, being water-wise is a must. But being comfortable and confident in the water does take time. Peter is a client of Afford’s Canley Vale Day Program. He has always wanted to go alo...
Image for Foods of the World at Jamisontown

Foods of the World at Jamisontown

Australia’s multiculturalism means that we are lucky enough to be able to enjoy a variety of different cultures and their cuisines. Our Jamisontown Day Program staff and clients have gone one step further and are actively learning more about the world around them through their Food of t...
Image for Recycle, Earn and Learn

Recycle, Earn and Learn

Residents living in Afford homes are supported to develop their skills and independence, with Lifestyle Assistants at hand 24/7 for if, or when, they are needed. Residents can get involved in activities that interest them. They are also encouraged to get involved in their local community. ...
Image for SLES Social Goes to SMASH!

SLES Social Goes to SMASH!

Being confident to share your interests, develop your social skills and form friendships are a key focus in the SLES (School Leaver Employment Support) program. By being open to engaging with others, you will become more resilient to manage different work and social situat...
Image for Lakemba’s Backyard Makeover!

Lakemba’s Backyard Makeover!

Thanks to generous Community Building Partnerships grant funding, Afford’s Lakemba Respite has had a backyard makeover! This new back garden and yard area will benefit the many people who visit the respite site. It now provides a serene and happy environment to relax. Take Time Out At Respite Afford’s