Image for Digital Confidence Grows at Kings Park

Digital Confidence Grows at Kings Park

Skills to use a computer and knowledge to access digital resources are tools that help us explore the world! Thanks to funding from Blacktown Workers Club Grant 2019, clients at Afford’s Kings Park Day Program can now explore their interests and engage their imaginations. Laptops and iPads now fea...
Image for One-To-One Offers Freedom and Fun

One-To-One Offers Freedom and Fun

Oran Park locals living with disability are engaging in meaningful and enriching life experiences during isolation thanks to one-to-one support from Afford. For the past three years, the staff at Afford’s Oran Park Day Program have supported Math...
Image for Benefits of Sensory Play

Benefits of Sensory Play

We learn to adapt by appreciating various sensory input in our environment. Sensory activities support cognitive development, physical and social skills and enhance our communication. Sensory play helps us learn more about the world around us and it is most beneficial when it is customised to meet individual needs. Callum is one of the yo...
Image for Courtney Sets Her Sights High

Courtney Sets Her Sights High

Sixteen-year-old Courtney is a young woman on a mission to succeed. She is determined to achieve her goal of studying childcare education at TAFE. To begin her journey, Courtney and her mum turned to Afford. For this enthusiastic and driven teenager, reading and understanding written words can be di...
Image for Funds Support Fitness at Eschol Park

Funds Support Fitness at Eschol Park

This week is Spinal Health Week (May, 20-26 2020). It’s a time to raise awareness about spinal health and ways that we can keep active for a happy and healthy lifestyle. The World Health Organisation says that musculoskeletal conditions are the...