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Luis Alvarez is a client at Afford Cherrywood Day Program that has experienced a truly inspiring transformation since joining the Afford community.

When Luis first started with Afford, he was quite unwell and was told he needed to undergo an operation for a kidney transplant. He had little energy and spent much of his time at home; frail and inactive.

However, through the encouragement and support of Afford Day Programs staff, Luis slowly started trying out new activities. A year and a half later, Luis is a completely different person. Luis had his kidney transplant operation and pushed through like a soldier to become a more active and engaging man.

He now exercises every day, participates in various activities at our Day Program such as Don Bosco Youth Club, goes to the gym and plays soccer and cricket with his peers. He also enjoys gardening; especially getting his hands dirty and getting involved. Luis says the opportunity to spend time with others and enjoy activities together has really made a difference in his life.

Luis’s NDIS goal: “I would like assessment and support so that I can have my communication skills enhanced and my fears and anxieties addressed to reduce my frustrations and build my resilience.”

Recently, Luis smashed this goal, requesting support to get onto a bike and ride it for the first time in his life at
Cherrywood Day Program!

Luis communicated his excitement and happiness with a massive smile and waving of his arms
in the air. We have watched Luis transform into young man full of life and vitality – Go Luis!