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Young, enthusiastic and determined, Wesley joined Afford’s SLES (School Leaver Employment Support) Program to develop his skills so that he could find his dream job.

Along with his SLES trainers, Wesley began with tackling the one thing that was always on his mind – finding a job in the hospitality industry where he could work one or more days a week.

Setting Goals for Success

His first goal was to obtain a certificate as a barista. So with the support of his SLES trainers, he identified the training that he needed to do to develop his skills.

Get Support to Learn More

His SLES trainer, Sharon, used her connections within the education and training sector to source and enrol Wesley into a course at Nepean Community College which covered an introduction to being a barista.

Wesley was instantly a natural! Soon he was heralded as making the best double shot cappuccinos in Penrith!

Develop Skills and Set New Goals

Soon after successfully achieving his barista certificate, Wesley quickly set yet another personal goal of obtaining his Certificate II in Hospitality.

Wesley studied hard while also completing 12 weeks of work placement at Ratha’s Place Cafe in St Marys. The work placement gave him the hands-on experience he needed to understand all that was involved in being a barista.

After being with Afford’s SLES program for around 10 months, Wesley had successfully achieved his Certificate II in Hospitality and was well on his way to realising his dream of finding a job.

Get Job Ready with Afford

Determined to achieve his overall employment goal, Wesley turned to his SLES trainer to help him develop his interview techniques so that he could go into job interviews with confidence.

SLES Penrith and Minchinbury trainers planned a mock interview session, giving Wesley knowledge and valuable practice on what is required when attending a job interview.

Over a few weeks, Wesley was given the opportunity to attend real life interviews with a local business that were holding speed interviews.

These experiences just heightened Wesley’s thirst to want to learn and do more. So he began job seeking both at SLES and independently at home.

Partnering with DES

Ready, determined and with a burning desire to work, it was now time for Penrith SLES to join forces with Afford’s DES (Disability Employment Service) in Blacktown to create that next pathway to employment.

Within a few short weeks of being registered with DES, Wesley was offered an opportunity to put all his new found skills that he had learnt during his time with SLES into practice, during his first work trial at Murray’s Sandwich Shop which is located in Nepean Motor Group in Penrith.

Get Support at Work

Afford’s DES consultant, Grace, stepped in to support Wesley on the day if and when he needed it.

Having a natural talent and a drive to work, by the end of the trial, Wesley had proven that he would be an asset to Murray’s Café and was offered a job.

Achieve Your Long Term Employment Goals with Afford

Wesley has now achieved his long term goal, working two days per week in open employment at Murray’s Café.

Find out how you can develop your skills for the workforce with SLES or find the job that’s right for you with Afford Employment.