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Afford coordinates its own animal therapy program at Cherrywood Friendship Farm in Llandilo, so we understand the power our special four-legged and furry pals have to get us in a good mood.

New Experiences for Our Residents

Recently, residents from our Narellan, Narellan Vale and Glen Alpine homes travelled together to Mowbray Park Farm in Picton, NSW to take in the fresh country air and immerse themselves in the rural lifestyle.

While at the farm, residents were able to get up close and personal with the resident ducks, pigs, cows and even lamas!

Everyone had the chance to get on a tractor ride around the grounds and listen to the variety of different noises for the ultimate farmyard sensory experience.

Milking a cow is an activity that many may not have experienced before and something that may look easy, but actually requires a bit of persistence and skill. It’s an activity that can teach concentration and communication with the farm experts to learn the proper way to hold the udder to release the milk.

The Afford Lifestyle

The Afford Lifestyle is all about getting out and about with friends and trying new things. Residents enjoy patting and feeding animals, so farm visits are often popular day trips.

Outings such as these provide residents with the chance to compare the differences and similarities between where they live and those who live in a rural setting.

It provides opportunities to feel the different textures of different animal coats and even get a closer look at the more unusual animals, such as lamas!

Australia is an amazingly expansive country with landscapes changing from region to region. Farm visits are a great way for our residents to see just how different places in Australia can be and the wonderful natural environments.

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