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Supporting Independence

We support our clients to explore more of the world around them. We have a fleet of accessible vehicles that are ready to take our clients anywhere that they want to go.

New Experience for Life Learning

But sometimes, experiencing different types of ways to get to a destination can bring a new perspective about the world around you.

Travel Training

Our Jamisontown staff have recently introduced a new travel training program at their Day Program to support individuals, with varying abilities, to gain confidence and independence in using public transport.

Cain, Greg, Jeremy, Luke and Gemma have all participated in the travel training program. They have caught trains, as well as the Rivercat/ferry to get to their chosen destinations.

The group wanted to go to the park for lunch in Richmond. So staff supported them to get Opal Cards and organise their journey. The trip to Richmond involved two train trips. First a train to Blacktown and then another train to Richmond.

Learning to Navigate Life With Confidence

It was a fast paced day; making sure that they reached each station on time to connect with the next train. But everyone enjoyed this new experience. Each person used their Opal Card to tap on and off on their own.

Although many of the group do not use words to communicate, you could see in the enjoyment in their faces as they travelled the train; listening to the sounds and watching the scenery change from built up houses to the sprawling fields of Richmond.

Enjoying Life How You Want

Once they reached Richmond, everyone enjoyed a packed lunch at the park and the fresh air in the great outdoors. Then, they did some window shopping on the way back to the station and made their way back to their Day Program on the trains again.

Families and carers have given a big thumbs up to the introduction of the travel training program. It offers new life experiences and all participants enjoy the excitement of the day.

“We have introduced travel training at our site to give our clients a different perspective on different types of transport available. It’s a great way for our clients to gain independence, as well as enjoy new social experiences with support.” – Leonie, Acting Team Leader, Jamisontown


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