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At the start of each year, school leavers who join Afford’s SLES (School Leaver Employment Support) program may not have a clear idea of what type of work they want to get into or even the industry that interests them the most.

That’s where our SLES trainers can step in to help. Throughout the year trainees are provided with opportunities to take a behind the scenes look at many employment opportunities and industries to see if it’s right for them.

Whether it is in the hospitality, sporting, arts, manufacturing industries or anything in between, trainees will have the chance to see first-hand how businesses run and speak with business managers directly, to get their view of roles and responsibilities at their business.

Recently, our Ingleburn SLES trainees visited St Johns Ambulance for a site tour. Many trainees are interested in obtaining their First Aid Certificate, so this was a timely visit for the group.

Trainees, Clayton, Hannah May, Nick, Jared, along with trainer, Livenya, travelled to Burwood by train to the St Johns Ambulance site. Trainees had a chat with the First Aid trainer, Robert, who ran them through the details of the course, what is involved and also provided a demonstration of CPR on a life-sized dummy. Trainees had the opportunity to learn a few CPR skills and test these on the dummy themselves. At the end of the day, trainees received lots of information about the course and bags with further information for them to read.

If you or your loved one has recently left school to pursue life in the workforce, but you’re not quite sure what you would like to do, then get in touch with our SLES trainers to see how Afford may be able to help.