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Living in an Afford home allows residents to live the life they want with support. Afford delivers The Afford Lifestyle within every one of the organisation’s group homes across the country.

Learn, See and Grow

The Afford Lifestyle is about providing residents with opportunities to develop their life skills. It’s also about going out to places and events that interest them. Most importantly, it’s about finding friends to share great memories.

Our True Blue and Country Lodge residents have formed a strong bond over the years. The residents have ventured to many places together and shared many meals. They have created a family atmosphere and consider their house their ‘home’.

Everyone gets involved in the household schedule. Each has regular household tasks to do, like cleaning and shopping. But they always make time to enjoy life and spend time together too.

Learn About Responsibility

Recently, the friends wanted to make a new addition to their home. One that would take a lot of responsibility and care. A pet!

With their Lifestyle Assistants, Graeme, Kenneth and John researched the many types of pets that they could have. They looked into what was involved in the care of each pet. They also considered how the pet would fit into the household routine.

Finally, a decision was made – hermit crabs! Residents were supported by their Lifestyle Assistants to go to the pet shop to purchase a suitable tank. They also bought food and a few decorations for the tank. Graeme even created a painted rock to place in the tank, to make his new pets feel right at home.

Develop Your Life Skills

To celebrate their new pet-pals, Graeme, Kenneth and John wanted to have a morning tea. They love getting into the kitchen to make delicious creations. On this morning, they planned to make banana bread! They gathered the ingredients, followed the recipe and measured everything perfectly. Next, it was time to bake!

After baking time had finished, the friends enjoyed warm banana bread fresh out of the oven. Not only was it yummy, but they were also proud of having made the banana bread on their own. As time has passed, residents have developed their skills and are more confident and independent.

Graeme, Kenneth and John sat down to share their scrumptious banana bread while watching their new hermit crabs in their tank.

The Afford Lifestyle

With Lifestyle Assistants on hand if and when they are needed, residents have many opportunities to develop their skills. Residents are also supported to be informed about the choices they are making.

Find out how The Afford Lifestyle can support you to live the life you want under the NDIS.