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Afford Getaways offer amazing supported holiday experiences in Australia and across the world! Recently, our sun-seeker clients, residents and supported employees hopped on a cruise ship to visit the South Pacific Islands and had a glorious time!

Realise Your Travel Dreams

Over 10 spectacular nights, the P&O Pacific Explorer, 11 deck cruise ship was home for our adventurous Affordians. They enjoyed many activities on the ship, with everything from electrifying rock and roll shows to unwinding by the poolside. At the four South Pacific Island stopovers, Affordians had the chance to immerse themselves in cultural exploration, as well as visiting breath-taking sights.

There was never a dull moment on the ship. Our group of Afford Getaways travellers enjoyed movies on the top deck, live band performances and lots more.

Choose Your Support Staff

With support staff of their choice, Afford travellers had the chance to enjoy the holiday of their dreams! Over 10 days, everyone visited beautiful beaches, were welcomed by friendly locals and tried a range of delicious foods.

There were plenty of cultural experiences to get involved in, which helped travellers understand more about local traditions. There was lots of singing and dancing during cultural performances and great fun to be had!

Experience Something New

There was also loads of cultural food tasting, with ‘Bougna’ interesting many of the travellers. Bougna is food wrapped in banana leaves and cooked on hot stones in the ground. It is New Caledonia’s national dish.

Together the group went on scenic drives. They also had the chance to experience the 24/7 Mamas Market in Vanuatu.

Everyone had the opportunity to drink fresh coconut juice prepared by locals and visit the Tanna Coffee factory to see how coffee is roasted, ground and packed.

Make New Friends

Most importantly, the group bonded together as friends. The holiday was a great opportunity to experience a different place and culture. But it also gave travellers the chance to meet new people and make new friends. Their South Pacific Island getaway will be one that they remember for life and can cherish forever.

Live Life Your Way

Afford Getaways give individuals living with disability the chance to travel the world with support to suit their needs and abilities. Every Affordian is encouraged to take part in activities that they enjoy. Afford Getaways are another way that Afford works with individuals and their families to get the most out of life.

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