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Just in time for Christmas, our Minchinbury SLES(School Leaver Employment Supports) trainees took part in their final travel training session for the year; enhancing their skills just in time to get out and about over the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Travel Training

The travel training involved taking an adventure out to Alexandria for the ‘Christmas at the Grounds’ community event. Trainees enjoyed getting out into the community, interacting with others and sharing experiences. It was a great chance for the trainees to get together before the year ends to enjoy an education and fun activity together, while building their confidence and independence in community involvement.

Immersing In The Community

Trainees had a great time exploring the ground of Alexandria, getting caught in a ‘snowstorm’ in Snowflake Lane, enjoying the beautiful scenery of Flower Lane, and indulging in some freshly made chocolate-filled donuts at Candy Cane Lane!

Trainees had a chance to feed Harry Trotter at the Christmas petting zoo, and enjoyed sharing a nice lunch in the festive atmosphere.

Learning Experience

As part of the day, trainees also had the chance to practice their travel training skills, travelling from Mt Druitt Station and learning to read display boards and use the Opal Card system. Trainees had to change trains at Central Station, learning to navigate the different platforms and use the Google Maps Travel App to reach their destination at Green Square.

Trainees had a wonderful time, enjoying a recreational day out whilst building their skills and creating memories to share as they move into the new year.