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Relaxation and time with friends can go a long way in supporting positive mental and emotional health.

For the residents at True Blue Group Home in Penrith, a trip in the natural bushland goodness of the Central Tablelands of NSW, was just what they need to lift their spirits and strengthen their friendships.

An hour after setting off from their home in Western Sydney, residents and staff were breathing in the crisp, fresh air of Lithgow.

Following strict health and safety procedures, the group decided to visit some of the region’s most beautiful landmarks and attractions.

They visited the heritage-listed Lithgow Blast Furnace and learned more about the significance of the site as the place where Australia’s first steel and iron were cast. Residents walked around the Visitor Information Centre looking at the various displays and reading about the history of the area.

The group stopped at Hassans Walls Lookout to take in the panoramic views, all while the brisk, winter air brushed against their faces. They also stopped at The Big Miners Lantern in Lithgow and drove past an emu sanctuary.

The Lithgow outing was a time to enjoy time with friends and reconnect with nature. Part of the Afford Lifestyle is supporting residents to explore and learn more about the world around them.

The road trip was also a great bonding experience for residents. With housemates sharing many similar interests and life experience, the outing helped to strengthen their friendships to create memories to last a lifetime.

“We discuss options for outings with the residents to see what they want to do. Our outings are organised based on the interests of the residents and their goals in life” explained one of the Team Leaders

“Many residents want to get out and find out more about our country’s history and people in different communities. Residents tell us what they want to do and we make it happen.”

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