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As a marvellous and unique way to get to know more of the community around them, residents from our True Blue Group Home stepped back into medieval times during their visit to Blacktown’s Medieval Fayre.

The Afford Lifestyle

Afford focuses on providing The Afford Lifestyle for each and every one of our residents. Going out to community events and participating in social activities is just one aspect of the Afford Lifestyle that allows residents to get involved in activities they are passionate about and enjoy while also strengthening their friendships and relationships within their local community.

Get Out and About in Your Community

True Blue residents love attending local events, going out to parks and simply exploring more of what their local community has to offer. So when staff suggested the outing to the Medieval Fayre, it was thumbs up all around!

At the Fayre in Blacktown our True Blue residents, Deemara, John, Kenny, Laurie and Michael, immersed themselves in the old world atmosphere.

Enjoy New Life Experiences

The group loved mingling amongst the crowd and all the live entertainment such as the birds of prey show and jousting competition, where riders from across the country competed to win.

Our residents also revelled in having a glimpse into medieval culture with various medieval displays, combat artillery, handmade arts and crafts, maidens preparing meals and a working Blacksmith Hut making horse shoes.

Supporting Your Independence

Supporting their skills of independence, staff assisted residents in buying lunch on the day. There was a variety of different food stands to choose from, with everything from a spit roast through to noodles.

For Demerara, seeing the old-fashioned clothing worn by medieval ladies was the highlight of her day. For Michael, it was watching the knights bravely battling each other in the ring. For Laurie, the melodic music was his favourite part of the day.

Each residents took away a different happy memory of the event which they will have forever. They shared lunch, laughs and this new experience together and have strengthened their bond as housemates and friends, while still being able to explore their own unique interests.

At Afford, we’re committed to adopting whole-of-life approaches in delivering the range of work, skills, health, wellness, social and independent benefits that make up The Afford Lifestyle for each of our residents.

Because of this, we have Australia’s happiest residents – we’re proud to be a partner in their life journey and to be Australia’s Group Home experts.

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