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We have begun to adopt new routines to meet the ever-changing environment, so Afford is now delivering supports a little differently too! Afford increased one-to-one supports to give you personalised and uninterrupted care during these exceptional circumstances.

Now more than ever, every individual’s goals for work, home and life need to be encouraged so that throughout and after these extraordinary times, you will have the confidence and skills to lead the life you want under the NDIS.

Olivia Develops Her Skills and Confidence

Olivia is a client at Afford’s Jamisontown Day Program who recently opted for one-to-one support. An Afford Lifestyle Assistant now visits Olivia at home, so she can continue to explore her interests and learn new skills.

Just like at Day Program, Olivia and her support staff member, Shanice, begin the day with the Jamisontown good morning song. Next, Olivia is supported to get involved in activities that make her happy.

It could be a walk around her local suburb to smell the beautiful roses that line the street, getting involved in tactile activities such as an art and crafts project to develop her fine motor skills, using chalk to colour patterns on the driveway, or to play naughts and crosses are all visually engaging activities that Olivia loves during her one-to-one supports. Karaoke is another of Olivia’s favourite activities and keeps her spirits high.

For Olivia, social engagement is important. She is supported to build her confidence in interacting with others in a variety of situations. Afford staff have adapted supports to cater to Olivia’s goals of social skills development, by changing her support staff each week so that she can engage with different people.

Olivia’s mother has commented that she is really pleased to see Olivia helping to get morning and afternoon tea ready with staff. Her independence and confidence have grown, thanks to continued support delivered by Jamisonton staff in a way that suits her needs.

Paul Stay Mobile and Enjoys Activities

Paul is also receiving one-to-one support from Afford’s Guildford Day Program staff. Hien supports Paul in his home to develop his skills for everyday life and keeping to a routine. Each day Paul is encouraged to make his bed, prepare lunch for himself and make informed choices about the activities he would like to do.

With limited mobility, one-to-one ensures that Paul has the support he needs to stay mobile, doing the things he loves like riding his bike. He also loves to work on puzzles and colour in which supports fine motor skills development. Listening to music is a great way for Paul to relax and chill out when he needs it.

Adrianna Gets Support to Enjoy the Outdoors

For Adrianna, one-to-one support helps her to keep developing her communication skills while also maintaining daily exercise. She loves exploring the world around her, so Afford staff are thinking ‘outside-of-the-box’ to incorporate different activities that satisfy Adrianna’s goals for being out and about, while still adhering to social distancing measures.

As a very friendly individual who loves being around other people, one-to-one interaction supports Adrianna to remain stimulated during times of isolation for overall life happiness.

A walk in the park to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the outdoors offers the ideal stimulation for Adrianna. She can watch the ducks on the water while getting some exercise to maintain a healthy mind and body.

One-to-one supports are being offered across Afford services. Find out more about how you can continue to receive individualised support through one-to-one care by contacting Afford at 1300 233 673.