Supported employees across Afford’s five Australian Disability Enterprises (ADE’s) have embraced a range of COVID-19 safety measures with a smile and positive attitude. Even behind a face mask, the friendliness of the ADE team radiates. They have recently welcomed some new faces and demonstrated strength throughout these challenging times.

Across all sites, Afford has implemented daily Rapid Antigen Testing (RAT), Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), temperature checking, stringent cleaning, QR code check-ins and social distancing requirements.

“All supported employees have done a fantastic job over the last month, especially given these circumstances. Every day they get up, some use public transport to come to work and they bring the best attitude. They are happy to adhere to the COVID-19 rules as they love coming here,” said Factories Business Manager, Mariska Tribelhorn.

By ensuring everyone produces a negative result on a RAT before entering the site, supported employees can feel assured that their environment is safe and COVID-19 free.

“The RAT kits give everyone a sense of comfort knowing that when we attend work and return home, we are safe. A lot of parents have thanked Afford for sourcing the RAT kits and providing them at all sites,” continued Mariska.

Many new supported employees joined the Afford family as we entered 2022. Emma graduated from SLES in 2021 and has transitioned to Ingleburn ADE. The process has been seamless and she has settled right in.

“We still have new people at the ADE’s for work experience and new starters completing their work trials. Everyone has stepped up and been diligent with safety procedures,” said Mariska.

Afford ADE’s are supportive environments where you will find more than just a job. You’ll learn new skills, make friends and belong to a community!

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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