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We are so excited to announce that Afford is partnering with prominent Melbourne AFL club, Hawthorn Hawks, and renowned Sydney NRL team, the Wests Tigers, for 2019!

Encouraging Inclusive Communities

The partnerships will create greater awareness about encouraging inclusivity within the community, providing opportunities for people of all abilities, as well as encouraging healthy lifestyles.

AFL is a much loved game for Melbournians and we are pleased to have formed this relationship with Hawthorn FC. We look forward to taking our message of supporting people of all abilities to the thousands of fans of the sport.

Not only will our partnership help us to support the physical and mental health and well being of people living with disability, our clients in Melbourne and Sydney will also have amazing opportunities to meet some of their player heroes, get involved in activities that promote healthy lifestyles and enjoy life changing experiences at Hawks home games.

We launched our partnership with the Hawks at Waverley Oval in Mulgrave on 13 February, where a number of our clients participated in kicking and running activities with Hawthorn staff and made the guard of honour for players entering the field for the Intraclub Match.

Clients Show Off Their Skills

Max showed that he was an AFL natural; kicking the ball high in the air between the posts. Enthusiastic Hawks fan, Samuel, was super excited to get a photo of the players running onto the field. The atmosphere at the match was electric and everyone had a great time in the outdoors and taking part in new experiences.

The West Tigers are already featuring Afford throughout the club’s Wests Tiger’s Varying Abilities program run through schools to increase inclusion of people with disability not only in sport, but in all activities.

Partnerships for New Life Experiences and Fun

These partnerships are about exposing our clients to new life experiences, providing enjoyment and celebrating the talents and achievements of our Afford community.

We’re really excited to be working with the teams at Hawthorn FC and the West Tigers and look forward to sharing many health and fitness opportunities and stories made possible for our clients thanks to these amazing partnerships.