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Caring for carers is part of our whole-of-life approach to disability supports at Afford. Our clients are our priority, and we know that our supports need to extend beyond the boundaries of our sites to help carers and families at home too.

Free Counselling for Carers

That’s why Afford has introduced a voluntary, confidential and complimentary counselling service for carers – EAP (employee Assistance Program). Previously a service that we only offered to Afford employees, we have now extended these supports to carers too.

At Afford, we care. So if you feel like you need help, or to talk to someone about personal, family or work-related concerns that are impacting on your health or quality of life, you can contact EAP and make an appointment for face-to-face, online or telephone counselling services.

We Care About Your Well Being

We always put the needs of our clients and carers first and understand it is important for them to have someone to reach out to in times of need. Carers and parents have two sessions available to access at any time. However, if you need more, you can confidentially request these through EAP.

To access EAP call 1800 81 87 28 or (02) 8247 9191 or email info@accesseap.com.au.

Connect with Others at Carer Events

If you’re looking to connect with other carers or find out more about the NDIS, carers also have access to regular Carer Events hosted by Afford sites across Australia.

Afford’s Nowra Group Home Team Leaders have held carer functions which give attendees the chance to get together with others and talk about their troubles and triumphs. Most of all, it gives everyone the chance to relax and take time out for themselves for a while.

Nowra’s Carer’s Luncheon was a good chance to get to know others in the Afford community in a relaxed setting over good food and lots of laughs.

Find out more about Afford Carer Supports by calling 1300 233 673.