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Afford champions inclusivity and personal achievement across all services. We’re committed to going above and beyond to ensure that every individual is given opportunities to reach their full potential. It’s also important to us, that the message of supporting people of all abilities is encouraged within the community.

So when Sport NSW, the peak body for sport in New South Wales, approached us to partner in the inclusive sports space, we jumped at the opportunity to be involved and help out.

Afford Lends a Helping Hand

That’s why, last week, we were the first to put up our hand to provide transport for the teams from the IBSA 2019 Youth World Goalball Championships from 2 to 9 August. Afford’s Jamisontown and Rouse Hills Day Programs provided the vehicles to transport the teams. Everyone was excited and ready to go and some even sported an Afford beanie here and there.

Afford Team Effort

In the Afford Way, Staff from our Far West District, including Lifestyle Assistants Patrick Piliae, Sarah Amituanai, Ohuche Raps, Sourabh Nagpal, Felix Kiprop, Samuella Harris, Maria Karusa, Maria Nguyen, Obinna Nwala, Fatme Hasna, Benjamin Chow, Carolyne Kieko, Terri Salami and  Simon Saad, offered to drive the vans for this amazing event. They were excited to help out and grab a selfie, or two, with the teams.

Afford Goes International!

It was wonderful to support these young athletes on their sporting journey. It was an honour for Afford to be involved in the transport of athletes from Korea, Great Britain, Poland, New Zealand, Brazil, Sweden, Germany, and Australia. Our brightly branded vans transported athletes to the competition grounds at Penrith Valley Regional Sports Centre.

Goalball is a team sport played competitively by athletes with vision impairment. Games are required to be kept silent. Three players on each team, who are completely blindfolded by “blackout” eyeshades, use their entire body to block a 1.25kg audible ball from making it into the opponent’s goal. Each goal is 1.3 metres in height and spans the entirety of the backcourt. This intense game allows players of all degrees of vision to participate at an equal level together.

Players are then able to orientate themselves to the 18 x 9 metre court through tactile line-markings. Players must react instantly to the sound of the bells inside the ball that help the players distinguish where the opposition has thrown it from. The duration of a Goalball game lasts for two 12-minute halves with a three minute half time break. The average game lasts around 50 minutes.

Australia has the largest ‘Goalball 4 Schools’ program in the world. Over 4,500 students across 150 schools currently play goalball as an adapted and inclusive Paralympic Sport.

It was so great to see these young athletes following their dreams and showcasing their unique abilities!

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