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 Zac’s Lifestyle Assistants at Afford’s Cherrywood Hub knows his subtle facial queues and the sounds he uses to make himself understood. But with support of Afford’s Support Coordination Team to gain NDIS funding to purchase new Eye Gaze assistive technology, Zac’s ability to communicate has exploded and he can now use his eyes to communicate in words to everyone around him for the first time.

 Achieve the Life You Want to Live

Zac is a non-verbal client of Cherrywood Hub whose future has now become so much brighter – and vocal! – thanks to Afford’s advocacy to get the supports he needs to achieve the best quality of life.

 Using the Eye Gaze assistive technology, Zac can look onto the screen and his eye movements are translated into words for his carers to read, greatly enhancing his ability to self-advocate and exercise his right to choice and control.

 Communicating for the First Time with Loved Ones

It was a tremendous moment when Zac used Eye Gaze to say, ‘Thank you’ as his ever first words to his mum. His mother was overwhelmed with emotion about being able to communicate directly with her son and also realising how this new technology has changed Zac’s life forever.

 Before having this technology, Zac was unable to completely communicate how he felt, what he wanted to do, or express his emotions. Zac’s Lifestyle Assistant has provided one-to-one support for him for many years, and has learnt to understand his slight facial movements or the different sounds he makes as a way of communicating how he feels.

 Now, Zac uses the Eye Gaze assistive technology to ensure he is well understood. He expresses emotion and tells Afford staff what he is interested in and where he would like to go.

 He now laughs and smiles and everyone around him can tell that Zac is excited about being able to connect with others. His new ‘voice’ has also set free Zac’s cheekier side and revealed his great sense of humour.

 Afford Advocates for Your Needs

After many years of persistent advocating for funding to get this technology, Zac now has it and is embracing all the possibilities and opportunities that this new technology brings.

 The importance of Support Coordination

At Afford, we feel so privileged to be part of this journey with Zac and his family. Our Support Coordination Team ensure they stay in regular contact with individuals and their families and carers to make sure that they receive funding relevant to the current needs through strong advocacy.

 With Zac, Afford advocates for his needs for funding and his life has been completely transformed by this life changing assistive technology.

 Find out how Afford’s Support Coordination Team can help you live the life you want under the NDIS by getting in touch with Afford today on 1300 233 673 or submitting a Contact Us form on this website.