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Afford’s expansion into Queensland is up and away and we’ve been busily introducing our wide range of services to the public, hosting NDIS Roadshows to help shed light on what the NDIS is and how people can use it to receive the necessary disability services.

Our team in Queensland has been so excited to launch Afford to the Queensland public.

“We had a positive response to the NDIS Information Roadshows. There are many people in Queensland who are yet to discover the NDIS and how the scheme can support them.” says Dwayne Fuller from Afford Queensland.
The success continued with a positive turnout for the Afford initiated NDIS Information
Sessions held in Queensland’s Beenleigh and Southport.

Close to 20 people attended the two information sessions with groups coming from all different backgrounds and experiences. Many attendees were parents with young children looking for a suitable service for support. Providing all the relevant and up-to-date NDIS information, Afford’s knowledgeable Executive Manager, NDIS Planning & Allied Health, Rosie Barletta, presented at the information sessions and assisted attendees with their enquiries.

Popular questions were about Afford services, as well as specific questions about the structure of the funding, the support they will receive and the access process and evidence. The next Afford NDIS Information Sessions will be held on 7 June again in Beenleigh and Southport.

Afford has grown and thrived under The NDIS rollout and become widely known as one of Sydney’s leading service providers. Through the NDIS, we have been offering more quality services and supports to our clients including Allied Health, Club Afford, Afford Getaways and expanded upon our Group homes and Day Programs.

The future is shining bright for Afford Queensland and we’re excited to share our knowledge and experience with our new clients in Queensland.