Afford Day Programs

At Afford Day Programs, every day is full of potential – you can make new friends, try activities and have fun!

At our Day Programs, you will have a unique opportunity to try new activities in a caring environment where each individual is given all the support they need.

Afford Day Programs are hubs of activity where groups of like-minded individuals are supported to learn, develop and explore the world around them. We offer a range of activities specially tailored for people with moderate to severe disability in an inclusive and engaging environment.

Whatever you want to see and whatever you want to do, Afford’s ready to be there to provide the quality support you may need.

– You can learn how to swim or try hydrotherapy
– Get your body moving to the beat with dancing
– Go to the library and improve your reading
– Colouring, painting, sculpting
– Get outdoors for sport, bushwalking or gardenin

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