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Last year, Afford merged with WALCA (Wellness and Leisure Centre for Adults) in Bexley to ensure the continuation of services for the many clients that attended the site. The merge presented Bexley clients with greater opportunities and choice to access their local community, learn new skills, make new friends and live the life on their terms.

Individualised Supports

Changes to the NDIS has meant that many disability services have had to adapt to provide greater person-centred supports. For some smaller providers, these changes have placed strain on the financial viability of the organisation. Luckily, Afford has stepped in to ensure continuation of supports for clients of WALCA and welcomed them into the Afford community at Afford Bexley Day Program.

We’re so privileged to be part of our clients’ life journeys of growth and personal development. Nadia is one client that has thrived at Bexley Day Program, and who we are so fortunate to have as part of our community.

Enjoying Person-Centred Supports

Nadia is a former WALCA client who now attends Afford’s Bexley Day Program five days a week.

She has created strong bonds with both Afford staff and the other clients who attend Bexley Day Program. Nadia particularly enjoys music therapy and the cooking program where she learns to make different meals and use different cooking techniques.

Nadia loves to explore more of the community and get out and about to the shops and local parks and grounds, with support from Lifestyle Assistants, with her friends from Bexley.

One of her personal life goals is to get more involved in the community and participate in swimming. Nadia loves swimming and hanging out with her peers, so Lifestyle Assistants at Bexley support Nadia to take part in a range of activities that extend her awareness of the world around her and provide opportunities where Nadia can participate in new life experiences and activities that interest her.

Support for Clients and their Family

Not only does Nadia love being at Bexley Day Program, so does her mum. She finds support and care for her family’s, and Nadia’s needs and always has someone to turn to if she needs help or advice.

“My daughter is in good hands at Bexley Day Program. We trust and love the staff and  Nadia is so content and happy when she comes home.” – Sue, Nadia’s mother.