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As the weather warms and summer approaches, our clients are making the most of pool time and enjoying a dip in the water, while also learning some valuable swim safe skills.

Clients from our Oran Park Day Program regularly attend swimming sessions at the local pools. The swimming sessions are facilitated by qualified swim instructors who support clients while in the pool using swimming aids and floats.

Swimming is a vital life skill that is so important for all Australians. Australian are renowned for their beach culture and love of the sand and surf, so we work closely with clients to provide opportunities for water skills development, so that clients can build their confidence to manage different water situations.

For some of our clients, swimming sessions improve movement and the buoyancy in the water is an experience that creates peace, calm and relaxation.

But most of all, swimming sessions for Afford clients are meant to be an enjoyable experience and a great way to cool off on those hot, summer days.