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Announcing Afford’s latest superstar – Brys! He is the 100th resident to move into an Afford home and we are super excited to announce this amazing milestone for Brys, an also Afford.

The Afford Lifestyle

With 28 homes across the country, Afford has become a leader in group home accommodation. What makes our homes special? It’s all about The Afford Lifestyle! As part of The Afford Lifestyle, our residents are given opportunity, choice and whole-of-life supports to live the life they want under the NDIS.

Brys is a mature and very cool 27 year old. He has chosen to move into Neptune to live closer to family and friends while still being able to be independent. Now, in his Afford home, Brys can live the life he wants, while having support if and when he needs it.

Decorate Your Room How Your Please

The week before Brys moved in, a delivery of new furniture arrived at the Neptune home – ready and waiting for Brys to furnish his new room. Along with his family and Afford staff, Brys has set up his room just how he likes it. It already feels like home!

As a welcome to the Neptune family, Afford staff and Neptune residents organised a BBQ for Brys and his family. Brys has already showcased his culinary skills; helping out on the BBQ by cooking the sausages, along with his mum.

Find Friends in Your New Home

The other Neptune residents, Kieran, Margaret, Christina and Dieter all made Brys feel welcome. The housemates had instant rapport and were soon joking and laughing together as if they had been friends for years.

As our 100th residents, we’re so stoked to learn that Brys loves music and dancing! We think it’s only fitting that a great song and dance should be done to celebrate this amazing milestone!

Brys definitely exudes ‘coolness’ with his sleek haircut, great dress sense and a love of having a good time. He enjoys playing PlayStation and looks forward to sharing his interests with his housemates.

Supports That Suits You

Afford is currently supporting Brys with one-to-one support. But his dream is to be able to attend Windsor Day Program five days a week. He wants to get involved in various activities, make new friends and try new things. He has also discovered that he went to high school with some of the other clients at Windsor Day Program!

Supporting You To Get Funding

So, Afford Lifestyle Assistants from Neptune are working with Brys and his family to secure further NDIS funding so that he can enjoy Day Program as much as he likes.

Afford delivers whole-of-life supports to suit the goals and aspirations of every resident as part of The Afford Lifestyle. Our homes are places where resident’s choices are respected and they are supported to participate in activities and experiences that make them happy.

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