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Affordians across Queensland are making the most of the amazing weather and wonderful activities on offer in the Sunshine State. The Ekka was one of the latest outings of choice for Afford clients from Caboolture Day Program and Afford’s Redlands Respite. It was a day of fun, excitement, learning, and friendship.

The Royal Queensland Show (Ekka) is Queensland’s largest and most loved annual event, attracting tens of thousands of people every year. The event brings the country and city together for a true celebration of agriculture.

Afford in Queensland!

With Afford extending services into Queensland, people living with disability across the state can now have support to live the life they want and get involved in things they love. Afford is across all things NDIS, so supporting individuals to secure funding to live life to the full, is what we do best.

Our Caboolture Day Program and Redlands Respite clients recently headed out to the much loved Ekka event.

As soon as they arrived, they were welcomed with lots of colour, excitement, and fun. There were rides galore and so much to see and do.

Clients enjoyed everything from the Hollywood Horrors haunted house, through to heart-stopping roller coaster and spinning rides. Some clients even became friends with the masked man from Hollywood Horrors!

Afford Supports Every Individual To Participate

Sideshow alley is always a fun place to be and Afford is there to support every individual get involved in the fun. Our staff understand the needs of every individual and assist them to enjoy outings in ways that suit their abilities.

During the day, clients were able to buy lunch from many stallholders selling a variety of different foods.

In the show bag pavilion, there were loads of bags to choose from. Everything from footy themed bags, cartoon and TV show themed bags, bags for ladies and gents, as well as the popular lolly and chocolate bags. Clients had a great time browsing all the bags on display, before finally choosing the ones they liked the most.

Develop Your Skills

Aside from being a great day out, The Ekka outing was also a great opportunity for Caboolture Day Program and Redlands Respite clients to develop their skills. They budgeted for the day. They handled their own money to make purchases.

Most importantly, The Ekka was a day where clients could socialise with each other and have fun. Developing friendships and being able to manage a variety of different social situations are important life skills.

Live The Life You Want

Afford staff are always on hand to organise outings that suit the needs and interests of clients. They support clients to get the most out of each activity and help them live their best life under the NDIS.

Find out how Afford services in Queensland can support you live the life you have always wanted.