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In testing times, acts of selflessness and giving always shine through! That’s exactly how we would describe the actions of the staff and clients at Afford’s Miami Hub in Queensland! They brainstormed together and created a way that they could bring joy and happiness to people in their local community.

Get Creative

The project? Happy Pot Plants! Miami Hub’s innovative staff members Jelena and Louise spoke to the clients about decorating pots, planting succulents and delivering them to businesses and individuals in their local community who are in desperate need of something to smile about in these difficult times.

Clients, Nicky, Maddison, Brett, Carlo, and Alex loved the idea! They couldn’t wait to let their creative juices flow and make amazing Happy Pot Plants to brighten up someone’s day.

The team quickly got to work and collected everything they needed. They picked up 50 pots, paints and printed out decorations for the pots, such as the vibrant and colourful Afford logo. The creation of the pots involved clients first decorating the pots, then filling them with soil, planting the succulents and finally making the finishing touches to give out to the community.

Nicky is receiving one-to-one support at Miami Hub and is enjoying painting smiley faces on the pots and bright colours as well.

Thanks to the generosity of many Miami Hub families, succulents have been donated to plant into the pots, which shows just how strong a community project can be in bringing people together for a good cause.

Explore Your Interests and Find Your Strengths

The Happy Plants Project is more than just a gardening project. It’s about supporting clients to consider others in their community. To give back and be an active leader in a positive way. It’s about offering new life experiences and opportunities to each client, so they can understand more about the world around them and the value of their contribution to wider society.

The Happy Plant Project has really taken off. Already, 38 pots have been created and the team at Miami Hub are being inundated with great ideas and suggestions for more pot plants.

“We had no idea just how awesome our Happy Plant Project was going to be. Some of our clients like arts and crafts and some aren’t as keen. But we’ve found that those who aren’t too keen on crafts are the ones really getting into the pot plant project,” said Jelena Bekic, Team Leader at Miami Hub.

“Everyone is enjoying painting a pot plant and they all chat together and discuss colours and ideas. During the project, our clients are relaxed and smiling a lot, which is great to see.”

The first pot plants were delivered by Nicky and Talia to local businesses near their site, all the while, ensuring they were exercising safe distancing measures.

“For myself as a Team Leader, I am so proud of the clients and staff that have been making this happen. It is so heart-warming!” said Jelena.

The Happy Plants Project has been so well received by clients, families and staff of Miami Hub, that Jelena and her team see the project continuing for a long time yet.

“Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.”H. Jackson Brown Jr.

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