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Afford services across Australia are implementing best practice hygiene strategies and education programs for clients to ensure the health and well-being of everyone in the Afford community.

While we experience adjustments to our daily lives, Afford staff in services across the country are there to provide individuals and their families and carers with some normalcy and continuation of supports.

The health and mental wellbeing of staff and clients remain the top priority at Afford. Our sites have incorporated a range of strategies, including those to help individuals understand the importance of personal hygiene. All strategies to support health and wellbeing have been designed to cater to the needs and abilities of each of the clients attending Afford sites.

Visual aids are being incorporated into sites to support residents in learning how to wash their hands correctly. Staff at Afford’s Eagle Vale Group Home regularly talk to residents about cleanliness with the support of visual aids for easy understanding.

Sites are also showing clients and their families, YouTube videos about exercising correct handwashing techniques that have been developed by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Many sites have also installed additional hand sanitizer/soap dispensers for regular hand cleaning throughout the day. Daily temperature checks are another safety measure that occurs across all Afford sites.

Sites have ramped up their already extensive cleaning regime and are including clients in the regular cleaning tasks to be completed. Jamisontown Day Program makes the most of cleaning their blocks and other equipment in the outdoors where everyone can enjoy the sunshine while completing important tasks.

Caboolture Day Program has even created a physical option for explaining social distancing to clients. A pool noodle represents the distance required between individuals. This visual and physical aid gives clients a greater understanding of space and distance for the safety of everyone at the site.

Sites are opting for more supports to be delivered outdoors in open spaces like the backyard/outdoor area. This could include reading books, time for exercise, bird watching and many other activities. This ensures that every individual can safely continue to participate in engaging activities.

Read more about Afford’s response to COVID-19: https://www.afford.com.au/coronavirus-response/

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Afford will continue to follow the health advice provided by the Australian Government and medical officials and will deliver supports under the NDIS to offer every individual opportunity to achieve their goals for life.