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Afford’s Cherrywood Friendship Farm starred on Channel 9’s Weekend Today on the 30th June. The stage was set and boy oh boy, did we rock it!  Congratulations to the Afford team, in particular those involved with the Bushbred Horse Assisted Learning program who have helped us gain so much recognition nationally!

On the day of filming, Cherrywood friendship was buzzing with our fury friends and clients from our Mount Druitt, Windsor, Lurnea and Llandilo sites who all came to share in the fun of the animal therapy program. Afford’s Customer Care Representative, Aaron Young was on site to shed some light on the program and did a fantastic job of representing Afford.

“The best part of the program is to see the clients and to see how invigorated they are and how much they enjoy the program”, said Aaron.

Some of the fury friends on the spotlight were our horses and let’s not forget our star attraction, ‘Rocky the star camel’ who wanted to say hello to the camera and posed at every opportunity.

Afford’s animal therapy program at Cherrywood Friendship farm is one of a kind for disability services. Afford has partnered with Bushbred’s Horse Assisted Learning Programs to tailor activities for a range of participant abilities. Our Cherrywood Friendship Farm at Llandilo is a place where participants can get up close with horses, guinea pigs, goats and other animals.

Throughout the segment, it was clear that the animal therapy participants had overcome their fears and become much more comfortable with the clients through regular activities. Some participants come to animal therapy with limited communication, but once they take part in animal therapy and get to touch and feel the different furs and coats of the animals, they find ways of expressing themselves through facial expression, gestures and vocal sounds. The program covers topics such as grooming, and feeding horses and learning about the day-to-day care and raising of livestock.

Many of the animals involved in the program at Cherrywood Friendship Farm have been rescued, so as well as impacting the lives of our clients, the animal therapy program helps to rebuild the lives of these amazing creatures.
Afford takes a whole-of-life approach to disability services and animal therapy is another way that we think outside of the box to support people with disability achieve work, home and life happiness.