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We’ve got talent yes we do, we’ve got talent how about you?

Afford held their annual talent show last Friday night the 3rd of August, and the talent was unbelievable!
Held at Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre in Penrith, the night kicked off with a buzz as our brightly dressed, bow tied and glitter covered clients arrived all ready to show us their amazing talents. Everyone was dressed to impress in matching outfits, there were teams of blue glitter suits, cowboys, Hawaiian dancers, bow ties and suits, face paint, matching site shirts and much more!

There were many memorable acts through-out the night including the Heel Toe Polka by Campbelltown, Perfect – Ed Sheeran performed in Auslan by SLES, and the beautiful acoustic tunes of Slim Dusty by Akash Shah. All of the acts were incredible and the audience really got into the spirit, singing and dancing along.

After everyone had arrived and had something to eat the first acts started to make their way back stage to get ready. The night was jam packed with 27 events and it was important to ensure the schedule was kept on track!

This year we had a mixture of solo, group and special acts from music therapy organisation, Nordoff Robins.

With the excitement rising our Accommodation groups stepped onto the stage, dressed in their shirts displaying flags all around the world.They blew us away with Acknowledgment to Country and the Australian National Anthem (Multicultural), followed by an inspiring Welcome speech by Chairman Ross Fowler before the night carried on.

Our annualTalent show is such a great way for everyone to express themselves and showcase their diverse talents.  It’s really been building confidence and developing strong friendships.

We would like to thank everyone involved in the night, with your continued help and support we are able to hold such inspiring events for our people – go Afford!