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The best fun is had with friends! So Afford has established a Seniors Club for residents of Afford homes across Sydney to combat loneliness. The group also serves to encourage older Australians to be more connected to their community.

Socialise with Friends

The Seniors Club has been running from close to a year now, and achieves great attendance numbers for every event!

Tuesday can’t come soon enough for the residents from our True Blue, Panthers and Sunshine homes. They’re all so excited to go to their Seniors Club to visit somewhere different or experience something new. But especially, they are keen to get together with their friends. With similar life experiences, everyone in the group bonds well and feels safe to share their feelings, thoughts, and dreams.

Activities and Outing to Suit Your Interests

The Seniors Club runs once a week and coordinates a range of activities. Participants have tried their luck at bingo, enjoyed watching a movie on the big screen, visited the pub for lunch and much more. Walks and gentle fitness activities are also incorporated into the programs.

The group has even organised a few road trips to let participants explore more of the local community and beyond!

Each of the Seniors Club activities is planned three months in advance. Afford organisers take into consideration the needs of the senior residents and tailor programs to suit their interests and abilities.

Expand Your Friendship Circle

The Seniors Club offers participants a chance to socialise with others and extend their friendships. The club is about having something to look forward to and sharing great memories with friends.

Healthy Mind and Body

For people aged over 50 years, having a sense of purpose and belonging is important in keeping a healthy mind and body. The Seniors Club is helping our residents to build on their social and physical well-being.

“I like going to the social club outings as I can see all my friends from the other houses and I can tell the staff what I would like to do. The staff also put it in the calendar to organise.” – Kenneth Richards

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