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Throughout Afford services, we encourage clients to learn more about themselves. Our Day Programs are places where clients are encouraged to have confidence in their abilities. Day Program staff support and nurture each client’s individual creativity and imagination.

Unique Programs for You

The team at Jamisontown Day Program have developed a unique program for clients to reflect on their interests and showcase their talents. Scrapbooking!

The Jamisontown Day Program clients create such vibrant, striking and interesting artworks and crafts, that scrapbooking seemed a perfect idea.

Each client was supported to look through magazines, newspapers and other materials to find things that they felt a connection to. These things could be pictures of their favourite food or games and sports they like to play. Clients could even use a textured or coloured image that they liked.

Once they identified the pictures that they wanted to include in their scrapbook, they would carefully cut them out and stick them in their book.

Afford staff then helped clients include information that was special to them. They included titles of their favourite movies, their favourite colours, how many people in their family and more!

Showcase Your Personality

Clients could then decorate their scrapbooks how they pleased. They used pencils, crayons, art supplies and anything that they felt reflected their personality.

To top it all off, the front cover of each of the client scrapbooks featured their picture with bright colours and borders.

This is such an amazing activity to help clients learn more about themselves and each other. The group shared some of the things they had included in their scrapbooks and many found common interests.

At Afford, clients are supported to appreciate their abilities and be proud of their accomplishments.

Find out more about Afford Day Programs and how you can be supported in your journey of self-discovery.