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When you join an Afford Group Home, you are matched with housemates that share your interests. Lifestyle Assistants are available to support you to take part in new experiences, as well as enjoy the things that matter most to you.

Michael is a warm and friendly resident of Afford’s Worrigee home. He has lived in his South Coast home for a while, but he continues to have a fond connection with his birthplace, England.

One of the Worrigee home lifestyle assistants, Nicole, lived and worked near London. She began chatting with Michael about some of his memories from his life in the UK.

The pair have developed a strong rapport and discovered that they both love the iconic English dish, Scotch eggs!

They decided they would make Scotch eggs for all the housemates!

They looked up the recipe together online. They made a list of groceries and headed out to the shops to buy all the ingredients.

Traditional Scotch Eggs are usually deep fried, but Nicole and Michael opted for a healthier version and used an air fryer to cook the eggs instead.

Make: Scotch eggs recipe from Englishman, Jamie Oliver.

Michael had a great time cooking with Nicole. As they chopped, floured and fried, the two laughed and reminisced about England. They talked about their favourite foods and some of their favourite things to do in the UK.

Michael made enough Scotch eggs for his housemates, Kate and Clayton, to try – and they loved them!

“Michael took a picture of the Scotch eggs and sent it to his parents. Later that night, he rang his parents and was telling them how great they were and how they tasted just like he remembered,” said Nicole, Lifestyle Assistant, Afford Worrigee Group Home.

The next dishes Michael would like to make – pork pies and Yorkshire puddings!

The Afford Lifestyle is all about living life the way you want. It’s about doing the things you love and getting involved an activities that make you happy.

Connections to family and friends and sharing your interests with housemates is part of the Afford Lifestyle. Residents are supported and encouraged to do what makes them happy and get the most out of life.

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