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When you join Afford, you can be sure that you will always have support to help you achieve your goals. For new work experience SLES trainee, Angus, he soon realised that the entire Afford community is backing his ability.

Get Support When You Need It

Angus was a little nervous the first day that he had to start work experience. So his SLES trainer, Sharon, travelled with him on the bus to Afford’s Minchinbury ADE on the first day. The plan for the afternoon, was for Angus to catch the ADE bus on his own back to Penrith after his shift.

On the first day of work experience, Angus walked up to the doors of the Minchinbury ADE with Sharon, looking a little unsure of all the unfamiliar faces.

Join Afford. Join Part of the Family

But any nerves he may have felt soon died away with several employees instantly coming up to welcome Angus to the factory. Everyone was interested to know more about Angus. Where he was from and what he wanted to do. They quickly reassured him that he would be fine.

The employees of the Minchinbury ADE treated Angus and Sharon as if they were family as soon as they walked through the door. Everyone was very helpful in directing Angus around the factory floor and outlining the procedures and processes. After such a welcome, Sharon was certain that Angus would fit right in. The supportive environment was just what Angus needed to boost his self-esteem.

At the end of the day, it was time for Angus to take his first steps towards independence. Catching the bus was his test to see if he had the independence to travel home on his own.

As the bus reached the factory, Angus was surrounded by the support of the other employees to take his first steps onto the bus.

You Are Supported Every Step of the Way

Not only did Angus make it back to Penrith on the ADE bus after his work experience shift, but he also came away with a whole new group of friends and supporters. After such a positive first day experience, Angus’ confidence has skyrocketed and he now believes that he can achieve anything!

When you join the Afford community, it’s like you have joined the Gold medal team at the Olympics. You have strength, confidence and you have people behind you to let your abilities soar!

Become part of the Afford community today and rest assured that someone will always have your back.