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Work experience is valuable in giving school leavers the chance to experience different workplaces. For Angus, scoring work experience at Penrith UFC Gym was a dream come true and one that would provide him with a wonderful insight into the health and fitness industry.

 Follow Your Interests

As part of Afford’s SLES (School Leaver Employment Support) Program, trainers work with trainees to explore their interests and find work experience and placements.

For Angus, the fitness industry is where his interests lie. Making his mark in the world of fitness, Angus fit in well with the team at Penrith UFC. As part of an open employment opportunity, Angus was keen to show his new team and the wider community that you can achieve anything with positive thinking and determination.

Work As Part of a Team

He was pumped from the very first day that he started his work experience. On his first day, Angus was greeted by UFC manager, Laura, as well as the personal training team and received a welcome gift – his very own UFC work shirt.

This instantly gave Angus the confidence he needed, with a smile from ear to ear and a firm thankyou handshake for his new work mate.

Angus wore his short proudly, chest puffed out, ready to show off the results of his own personal workouts and fitness regime.

Keen to get to work, Angus was given a tour of the gym and an outline of his daily duties. Over the next few hours, he worked up a sweat as he cleaned the gym equipment to ensure it was hygienic and ready for members.

Angus really enjoyed maintaining the boxing bags; taking extra care to use the right products and making the boxing area glistening before the start of the kickboxing class.

Develop a Passion for Work

The members of the gym were so impressed with Angus’ passion for work and were curious to learn more about him. Members were only too happy to introduce themselves and praise Angus for the great work he was doing.

At the end of each shift, Angus was always looking forward to his next shift at the gym. As an added bonus, Angus also enjoyed his end of shift protein shake that helped to replenish his muscles after a physical day at work.

Afford’s SLES (School Leaver Employment Support) Program and Afford Employment can help you achieve your work goals under the NDIS. Contact Afford to find out more.