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When Annie smiles, you can see the joy inside her taking over her whole body. Her face lights up with a huge smile. She is energetic and keen to interact with others in fun activities.

Get Support When and Where You Need It

Natalie is Annie’s support person, who visits Annie for one-to-one supports at her nursing home in Aspley.

When Natalie visits Annie, there’s always a lot of fun to be had. They chat and laugh and even work on Annie’s skills for everyday life.

Develop Your Skills for Life

While in a nursing home, it’s important for Annie to maintain strength in her hands. So, Natalie often organises a range of fun activities that work to strengthen Annie’s fine motor skills.

Activities include beating a drum to make noise – and for fun! The act of lifting and lowering the drumstick with enough force to create a sound encourages cause and effect learning. Annie realises how hard she needs to beat the drum to make a noise, so she works towards achieving a sound every time by gripping the drumstick and confidently hitting the drum.

Natalie also helps Annie engage with other instruments to develop her muscles and hand-eye coordination. Annie likes to run the stick up and down the corrugated sides of the guiro. It makes interesting sounds and has a unique texture that provides a very tactile experience.

To really put Annie’s fine motor skills to the test, Natalie introduces soft toys into their sessions. Annie delicately pinches her fingers together to pick up the soft objects and puts them into a container. Having a container to put the items into also gives Annie focus to complete the task.

Annie enjoys these activities. She also loves the company and friendly banter that she has every time Natalie comes to see her.

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