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Painting is a talent that takes practice and determination to create a masterpiece. Our clients at Bexley and Southport Day Programs have not only mastered the art but have created pieces worthy of display in a gallery!

Art to Suit Your Abilities

At Bexley in New South Wales, the art program has become hugely popular for all clients who attend the site. With different needs and abilities, art conjures unique sensory experiences for each client.

Watch: Learn How to Draw a Koala!

Tommy likes to touch and feel the different equipment and materials used during art sessions. He watches others with interest to see what they are creating.

Anthony has limited verbal communication, but as soon as he holds a brush and pencil during art sessions, he vocalises his enjoyment.

Art Encourages Self-Expression

Henry uses eye contact to express himself. Lifestyle Assistants understand Henry’s unique way of communicating and can interpret his mood and feelings based on his eye movements.

Courtney has discovered a new passion for art and craft. After seeing the others painting and drawing, she is now keen to get involved and let her creative juices flow.

Courtney’s artistic ability shone through when she upcycled a photo of a female face on canvas, into a remarkable painting.

Chris is a client at Southport Day Program in Queensland that has amazing artistic ability. Using just a photo on his iPad as a guide, he has created a detailed painting of a Border Collie – all from a blank canvas!

Explore Your Interests

For over two hours, Chris was in ‘the zone’ carefully applying vibrant paints to the canvas of his Border Collie design.

When Chris paints, he shows passion and determination. He works hard to create artworks that meet his satisfaction. Many of Chris’ artworks are on the walls at Southport.

COVID-19 restrictions mean that our clients stay on-site more often to get involved in meaningful activities. Chris’ put his artistic flair to work and designed a life-size family tree on the wall at Southport Day Program.

Share Your Talents

Over two weeks, he outlined the tree and then painted in all the features. He also made Afford’s signature cranes out of paper to hang from the tree. Everyone got involved and produced a mural that showcases art with a lot of heart.

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