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Our expert Allied Health team are expanding services across our Day Programs to support more clients work towards achieving their goals under the NDIS. The team are introducing innovative programs to engage, educate and enhance the lives of our clients.

Attention Autism Groups

At our Green Valley Day Program, a new Attention Autism group has begun which runs every Wednesday morning for a 10 week period.

The group is run by Afford’s speech pathologist, Linda, along with Therapy Assistant, Carla.

The Attention Autism group focuses on encouraging our clients to share attention. Developing attention and listening skills are needed to understand and use language.

Build On Attention Skills Development

The aim of this approach is to build on Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) strengths of visual skills, a memory for motivating things and routines, and lots of energy. The group is also suited to individuals who may need additional support to pay attention to other people and events occurring around them.

There are 4 stages of the Attention Autism approach:

Stage 1 – The Bucket: everyone attends to the same thing chosen by the facilitator.

Stage 2 – Attention Builder: individuals develop longer and sustained attention skills.

Stage 3 – Turn-Taking Games: individuals learn to shift attention.

Stage 4 – Independent Work: individuals focus, sustain, shift attention, transition and then refocus.

Our Staff Model To Ensure Clients Continue To Learn

A key component of the Attention Autism approach is to have Afford staff modelling the desired behaviours and language to support their clients. So this group also involves staff training which engages our Lifestyle Assistants as active participants within the group.

By providing training for our staff, they can then encourage clients to continue with the skills taught in the group throughout the week.

After the first group session, everyone was very excited to continue. It was encouraging to see clients focusing their attention and energies on the tasks at hand and, most of all, enjoying the activities at the same time.

Sensory and Engaging Experiences

The group is a very tactile and sensory experience, which engages participants on many levels.

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