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At Afford, we welcome and celebrate the many different cultures and backgrounds that are part of our community. We recognise many cultural traditions and celebrations across the year to acknowledge our heritage. It is our diversity that fosters greater understanding and inclusive communities.

Diverse Backgrounds Bring Us Together

Although our family backgrounds may have begun in various lands, we all identify as Australians and we celebrate this each and every day – especially on Australia Day!

An Iconic Celebration for Australia Day

To mark Australia Day this year, many of our sites and homes held events to come together as a community. Residents from our Bluebird and Sunshine homes decided to get together for a good ol’ fashioned BBQ.

Julie, Sandra and Lisa from the Bluebird home started early in the morning to create an amazing Australia Day celebration in the afternoon. The ladies sorted out lunch with a trip to the shops to get all the ingredients to prepare for the meal.

Working Together

The ladies from Sunshine group home also joined in and blew up the blue, red and white balloons and decorated their home with flags and more to set the Australiana mood for the luncheon.

Everyone worked together to cook the sausages and make salad for the afternoon feast.

The friends came together for lunch, shared many laughs and stories and created wonderful  memories of their Australia Day celebrations in their home.

After lunch, the ladies were able to take a cool dip in the pool – which was a welcome treat after a hot summer’s day.

The Afford Lifestyle

The Afford Lifestyle is all about supporting our residents to enjoy the life they want to live. Our homes provide support for our residents to live independently and enjoy activities that interest them, while making new friends and learning various life skills.

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