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Afford’s Allied Health team work closely with individuals with a range of sensory and communication needs. The team can help the individual achieve their communication goals using a range of fun and creative activities tailored to the persons interests.

Innovative Communication Strategies

Developing out-of-the-box forms of communication for people with unique needs is a core focus for our Speech Pathologists. They recently attended ‘Attention Autism’ training which is a program created by specialist SLP, Gina Davis.

The training centred around developing natural and spontaneous communication through the use of visual and highly motivating activities. The main objective of these activities is to make them fun and create an irresistible invitation to learn.

Throughout the training, our Speech Pathologists learnt how to implement a structured four stage program to systematically support our clients to achieve meaningful and fun communication.

Afford’s Tips to Enhance Communications

In celebration of World Autism Awareness Day (2 April), our Allied Health team has shared some of the their top tips to enhance communication with your loved one.

  • Less is More! – Simple and fewer words will create greater understanding of a particular task.
  • Comment instead of Asking Questions – Reduce the pressure on your loved one to answer all your questions and simply comment on an action or activity.
  • Show, Don’t Tell – Instead of using words to explain how to do a certain activity, show your loved one what to do.

Thanks to this ‘Attention Autism’ training our Speech Pathologists are implementing programs for clients referred to Allied Health services, as well as across all Afford Day Programs, Respite Sites and Group Homes.

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