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The key to a healthy mind and body is staying active. This is Bailey’s new motto while he, along with many other Melbournians, face lockdown.

Bailey lives in an Afford Supported Accommodation in Pakenham. At his home, Bailey is used to living life how he wants with support if / when he needs it. Now that he has to spend more time at home, Bailey is determined to make sure lockdown doesn’t get his spirits down.

One of Bailey’s life goals is to increase his fitness. He asked the team leader and lifestyle assistants at his home for advice about leading a more active lifestyle.

To help Bailey on his healthy living journey, Afford staff had gym equipment installed in the home for Bailey to use.

Every morning, Bailey heads to his fitness room. He stretches and then gets straight into boxing practise and weights.

“He loves the boxing part of his exercise routine. His skills have developed a lot and he can even tell that his fitness has improved in a short time,” said Yaya, Afford Acting Team Leader at the Pakenham home.

Lifestyle assistants are there for Bailey 24/7 if or when he needs help. Bailey has support throughout every part of his journey and is encouraged to work towards his fitness goals.

The Afford Lifestyle is about Afford staff going above and beyond to make the dreams of residents a reality. No matter how big or how small the request, Supported accommodation staff are there to ensure that every resident has choice, respect and opportunity to live life their way.

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