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Thanks to Be Connected Grant funding provided by Good Things Foundation Australia, clients aged over 50 years of age at Oran Park and Chipping Norton Day Programs can develop their skills with technology and learn how to use it best.

Learn More about Technology

As a not-for-profit disability organisation, grant funding is vital in supporting Afford to deliver new and relevant supports for our clients. Thanks to Good Things Foundation Australia, clients at our Oran Park Day Program now have new computers and iPads to learn more about technology. Similarly, our clients at Chipping Norton Day Program have also benefited from Be Connected grant funding.

To help individuals become more familiar with how to use a computer, the Be Connected grant involves each person completing a series of modules. Oran Park and Chipping Norton clients were supported to go through and complete each of the modules with a Lifestyle Assistant.

Build Your Confidence

After the modules were completed, everyone had a new-found confidence and were eager to put their skills to the test!

At Oran Park, everyone jumped online to research some art and craft activities to do on-site. Some made beaded bracelets, others made necklaces. There were some wonderful art creations made, thanks to the inspiration found from their online research!

Celebrate Achievement

In celebration of their hard work, the team had a pizza lunch and everyone was awarded certificates for their achievements. They also received gift cards to spend as they like in recognition of their determination and willingness to take on the technology challenges.

At Chipping Norton, everyone was so interested in the use of technology, that it may become a regular program on site.

Engaging with technology supports our clients to develop important life skills. Whether it is using the telephone, or researching on the computer, technology is part of everyday life.

Develop Skills for Life

Thanks to the Be Connected grant, Oran Park clients have the tools and technology they need further develop their skills to apply in life. Clients are now more confident in using a computer and have developed an important life skill for greater independence.

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