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On a warm summer’s day, there’s nothing quite like being close to the water. There’s always a cool breeze rushing against your skin. When you raise your head up, you can’t help but smile as the sun warms your face. The waves crashing on the coast are mesmerising to watch and the sounds bring on a sense of calm.

Sensory Outings

These are some of the sensory sensations that Paul, Shannon and Dieter felt during their trip to Bulli Beach on NSW’s South Coast.

Paul, Shannon and Dieter have become good mates. They live independently across Afford’s Bligh Park, South Windsor and Neptune homes, but they often get together because they share similar interests. They all have a love of the outdoors and are always keen to visit a new place.

As part of The Afford Lifestyle, residents across all homes have the chance to socialise with those from other homes. This helps develop social skills and expands friendships beyond a single household. At Afford, homes are for the community, for family, and encourage a welcoming and supportive environment.

Get To Know New Friends

Paul, Shannon and Dieter’s friendship has grown. They live independently, with support if and when they need it, and love to get involved in outings organised by Afford, where residents from different homes can get together.

The friends have limited communication but Afford staff have come to know them well and understand individual cues that express their moods and feelings.

Live Life How You Want

When Dieter gets close to water, his face completely changes, and you can see how much he enjoys every moment.

“Whenever Dieter gets near water, you can see the calm wash all over him. He closes his eye and tilts his head in the air, and you can see that he is taking in everything around him,” explained Pauline, Acting Senior, Bligh Park and South Windsor Accommodation.

Paul is also very fond of water. He can spend hours on end at the water park. He loves seeing the water fountains bounce up around him.

For these three mates, a visit to the beach was just what they needed. Afford staff, Brett and Pauline, drove the trio to Bulli Beach in the late afternoon. As the sun was setting, not only was a stroll along the beach cooler, it also was fun to watch the shadows of the setting sun dancing on the sand.

While Paul and Dieter went down on the beach to touch the sand and water and sit by the beach pool, Shannon was supported to feel the sand between his fingers and toes in his wheelchair.

Pauline chose Bulli Beach to visit with Paul, Shannon and Dieter, because it offers wheelchair access around the sand. Because Shannon looks so happy when he is at the beach, Afford staff are working towards options for Shannon to get right onto the sand for himself.

After a day at the beach and afternoon tea at a nearby café, everyone went home feeling relaxed and happy to have spent time together with friends.

While living in an Afford home, Paul, Dieter and Shannon are supported to visit new places and grow their confidence in getting out and about in the community.

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