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Every one of our clients is beautiful. We see their unique talents, their ability to embrace new things and their incredible love of life.

We support everyone in our Afford community to love who they are and what they have to offer the world. With confidence comes independence and the strength to let your abilities soar!

Client Inspired Programs

Our Blacktown Day Program clients inspired the creation of a new beauty program at the site. The program has become so popular that now ten clients are involved in the beauty program each week!

Acting Senior Lifestyle Assistant, Jacinta, has created the program to suit the interests and abilities of the clients who participate.

During the program, clients have their hair and makeup done, just like in a salon. In addition, they also have their nails done with fancy nail polish and designs.

Learning Experiences

The beauty program isn’t just about having a day of pampering. Staff are also using this experience to engage with clients about learning about and developing their skills in personal care.

During the program participants learn about how to care for their skin, personal hygiene, using sunscreen and the benefits of caring for your skin in the Australian sun, applying hairspray, cleansers and toners, how to treat your hair and skin and much more.

Blacktown Day Program’s beauty program has become such a success that there are plans to invite other Afford sites to participate each week. Afford is also looking to welcome those outside the Afford community to come along and try the program – so watch this space for more information to come!

The clients inspired Blacktown Day Program’s beauty program. Our staff have supported the creation of the program and have developed the resources required to make this program a successful learning experience for those who participate.

Our person-centred approach to disability supports ensures that our clients have opportunities to explore their interests and achieve their goals under the NDIS.


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