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Afford’s Beenleigh Day Program in Queensland is now open with a range of person-centred activities already taking shape to support people living with disability in the local community. Group and 1:1 support is already available, as well as access to other Afford services such as Club Afford.

New Day Program In Beenleigh, Queensland

The Beenleigh centre has large spacious areas where clients can gather together for programs or sit back and relax to watch TV. The backyard area has interesting outdoor decorative features, as well as a unique garden installation which is a wooden wind instrument that sounds when the wind moves the log chimes.

Program Variety

Some of the programs being coordinated through the centre include bowling, movie outings, dance programs, men’s and ladies days out, sessions at the library for literacy and numeracy, sports and fitness, swimming, travel training, community access, art and craft, computer literacy and so much more!

In their spacious kitchen, the Beenleigh team and clients cook healthy meals and learn a variety of independent living skills and their beautiful backyard area has plants ready to sow, giving clients many opportunities to get their hands dirty during the gardening program.

New Gardening Program Promotes Healthy Lifestyles

The new gardening program has been established to support around 10 clients to have hands-on experience in growing nurturing, harvesting and then cooking with the vegetables and herbs they have grown. It’s part of an initiative at Afford to encourage healthy lifestyles by learning more about healthy eating options.

Two garden beds will be planted with various herbs, capsicums, lettuce, strawberries, cucumbers, and chillies and there are also pot to plant lemon trees.

Clients have already started to create a cookbook with recipes that they would like to make with the herbs and vegetables they have planted once they have grown and been harvested.

Looking To The Future

Clients at Beenleigh are so excited about their new garden that they’re already planning to make it bigger by using recycled materials such as bathtubs and tyres to add another planting dimension to their garden. In the future, the team plan to create their own fertiliser by composting food scraps and garden clippings.