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While some of us are stuck indoors wondering what to do, Afford staff and clients are rolling up their sleeves to make the most of their time on-site.

Stay Active and Healthy

Activities that have meaning and purpose for both staff and clients support a healthy mindset and active body, particularly during these trying times.

At our Belmore Day Program, the team decided to jazz up the front garden.

Pavers around the side of the site now serve as an inviting pathway. Shrubs and plants create a beautiful bushland setting. Planter boxes with bright red flowers add a pop of colour to the landscape. To complete the look, wood bark is delicately spread around new plants and throughout the garden. This not only looks good, but it will also keep the plants safe and weeds away.

Working together, the staff and clients have transformed the space into a magnificent natural wonderland!

The garden is visually appealing and the addition of fragrant flowers adds a unique sensory experience. Regular watering and weeding of the new outdoor area encourage clients to learn about responsibility. It also keeps them active.

Enhancing Services to Cater to Your Needs

Cherrywood Day Program staff have also let their DIY juices flow with a revamp of their outdoor area and indoor spaces.

Their new front and back gardens feature a combination of red and green foliage and hardy plants. Outdoor furniture has been spruced up and cleaned. The front plants create a sensational welcome for visitors to the site. The backyard is now a cosy space for clients to sit back and relax.

Indoors there is new flooring and the bathroom has been renovated to cater to the needs of clients.

The team have also integrated a new private space to chat with parents and carers about the needs of their loved ones. It’s friendly and inviting and includes coffee and tea facilities for a relaxed feel.

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