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If you visit Belmore Day Program on a Friday, you are sure to hear and smell a love of cooking brewing!

Learn to Cook

Thanks to a 2018 Community Building Partnership grant, Belmore Day Program clients can now develop their life skills, and their love of cooking, in a brand new kitchen!

The new kitchen includes a larger bench. This allows everyone to gather around and chop vegetables, mix the batter, and finally enjoy their meal creations together. It also has many cupboards to store bowls, cooking utensils, appliances and more! This means that staff can teach clients how to use different tools in the kitchen to enhance their experience.

“It’s amazing to see how much the clients love to be involved in the cooking program,” said Marc, Afford Team Leader.

“The new kitchen allows more staff and clients to all cook together. Our clients learn from each other and talk about what they are doing. There are lots of smiles and laughing during the cooking program.”

Develop Your Skills and Make Friends

Whether they are peeling, chopping, washing or cooking on the stovetop, the new kitchen gets everyone involved. Clients not only develop their skills for independence but also work together and develop their community bond and friendship.

Happy giggles and the delicious smells of fresh herbs and simmering sauces are now regular occurrences at Belmore Day Program.

Skills for Life

With the addition of the modified kitchen, the cooking program at Belmore can now provide greater support for individuals to learn skills for life.

“We can see after every cooking program that the confidence in our clients is growing. They are more comfortable cooking on the stove or in the oven.”

Food preparation and cleanliness are also part of the cooking program. Afford staff emphasise the importance of washing hands, utensils, and other kitchen items during the cooking process.

Funding provided by a 2018 Community Building Partnership grant for this new kitchen at Belmore has enabled Afford staff to extend their supports and the learning opportunities for clients at the site.

The cooking area now provides greater space for clients of all abilities to move around easily and safely. It also serves as a great communal place for everyone to gather and chat as friends or share a meal that they have created.

Grant funding is vital in enhancing supports, services, and facilities for the benefit of individuals living with a disability. Afford is grateful for the generous funding from the 2018 Community Building Partnership grant and is sure that the new kitchen at Belmore will support clients at the site grow in confidence to live their best life.