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We love to encourage our clients to have an entrepreneurial spirit and our Belmore Day Program clients have just that!

An Entrepreneurial Spirit

Recently the team at Belmore Day Program have introduced a Paper Run Program that is all about exercise, fun and engagement with the local community.

Every Wednesday, Matthew, Youseff, Maher and Joe arrive at the site and enjoy a healthy and nutritious morning tea to prepare for the day ahead.

Working as a Team

After morning tea, everyone works together to roll up the local newspapers and put elastic bands around them, before popping them into bags and trolleys – ready to be distributed to local homes.

At 11am, the team are on the street with Afford staff, walking to deliver the local paper so every business along Belmore Road gets their weekly update about local events, activities, news and more.

Afford staff member, Sunsil, says that the team feel included and that they feel like they are helping and working at the same time. We love providing meaningful activities that our clients can take ownership of and also take time to explore the world around them.

“We all love working!” – Belmore Day Program client.

Fostering Independence

Programs such as these are great activities that encourage independence, responsibility and exercise. At Afford, we’re all about promoting healthy and balanced lifestyles. It’s great to see that our clients also love to get out and about and push themselves to look for different ways to participate in their local community.