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The sun is shining and the weather is warming, so it’s a great time to start reminding ourselves about bike safety when we’re out and about.

Clients of our Oran Park Day Program visited the Bicycle Education and Road Safety Centre in Campbelltown to get some practical experience in riding bikes in a real life scenario.

The centre is fitted out to replicate roads and tracks; similar to what participants would see when out and about on the road. Pathways have road markings, pedestrian crossings and even street lights to indicate when it is safe to ride and when to stop.

“Clients really look forward to taking part in the bike safety program each week. They get to ride their bikes and learn new skills and get some exercise in the process,” said Antoinette, Oran Park Day Program Team Leader.

Clients ride three wheeled bikes, specially designed to suit riders with varying abilities. Wheelchairs were also able to hit the track, with clients able to enjoy riding around with their peers in their wheelchairs.

The bike safety program allows clients to enhance their communication and listening skills, as well as giving them opportunities to develop movement. It’s a great way to get out into the fresh air while learning new skills, and most importantly, having fun!