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Afford’s Blacktown Day Program has introduced a new event planning program. The program is designed to support clients to enhance their skills in time management and computer literacy, which are valuable skills for life.

Programs That Suit Your Interests

The event planning program is held after the site’s popular beauty program, where clients have their hair, makeup and nails done, but also learn about personal care.

The event planning program covers topics and skills which relate to working in an office environment, but also support skills development in using and understanding technology.

During the two hour program, clients are supported to use programs such as PowerPoint, CorelDraw and Excel to design cards invitation cards, activity menus, to search recipes, design calendars and more!

Clients learn about how to use a keyboard and mouse, as well as short-cut keys to select a program from the computer without the mouse. They are able to use the computer to design and draw and develop their typing skills for speed and accuracy.

Explore Your Creativity

Using the computer, clients research a variety of topics and create amazing cards and materials. The event planning program also develops their hand-eye coordination and encourages them to explore their creativity in different ways.

Thanks to this amazing program, coordinated by Blacktown Day Program staff member, Jacinta, clients have the freedom to let their creative juices flow to create a variety of cards to adorn the site’s walls, including beautiful cards for birthdays, Mother’s and Father’s Day, Christmas and whatever they choose!

With the skills they have learned, clients can now use the computer to plan events for their friends’ birthdays and design birthday tables too.

Learn New Skills

Afford Lifestyle Assistants are always looking for new and innovative ways to support our clients achieve their goals and learn new skills to help them in life.

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